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Using Smart IoT Technologies to Support and Safeguard Communities


Come visit TDD in Orlando, FL at IWCE 2024 March 24th-28th



The Digital Decision (TDD) is a global premier public safety and public sector consultancy and solution integration firm. Founded in 2007, The Digital Decision led America’s first two public safety broadband network deployments, negotiated state-wide governance agreements for 4 states and over 67 local jurisdictions, and provided expert consultant services to the world’s largest commercial carriers and equipment manufacturers. 


Having provided nationally recognized Federal, State and Local government and industry leading commercial solutions, TDD has the intellectual capital, business scalability and program delivery capabilities that ensure optimal returns from our customers’ investment. With foundations of iterative processes and best practice approaches for stability, we build for the future with the delivery of innovative solutions and capabilities that meet your needs. 




The Digital Decision is one of only a few companies in the country with proven operational, regulatory, governance and technical experience combined with Public Safety and Self-Monitoring, Analyzing, and Reporting Technology (SMART) / IoT Technology Subject Matter Expertise. This positions us to leverage best in class technology to support and safeguard communities.

Commercial Public Safety &

Public Sector Strategic Consulting

TDD provides executive level Public Safety and Public Sector consulting services to America’s largest commercial carrier and equipment manufacturers.

Program & Project Management

TDD brings a proven, successful track
record and certified PMP resources to its projects engagements resulting in measurable,
predictable, and reliable project implementation.


Network Design, Deployment, Operations, Maintenance and Help Desk

Our unique approach was crafted during the highly successful launch of the nation’s first Public Safety 700 MHz broadband wireless network in Washington, D.C. Today, we draw on that experience to bring together all stakeholders to design and ultimately deploy critically important networks and solutions. TDD understands that many people can write code or deploy networks, but not everyone can deliver budgeted, operationalized, and national recognized programs in a“Government” 

environment. We did just that.

Government IT and

Communications Consulting

Our industry experience is second to none and affords clients 200 plus years of real-life experience.

Product and Solution Integration

TDD has been integrating world class solutions since the 80’s and we understand the complex technical and operational impacts of combining solutions, companies and networks alike. That is why we are a trusted partner of public safety who has and continues to fight for comprehensive public safety communications interoperability.

SMART Community Transition Process

We use a comprehensive process to deliver efficient, effective, SMART and connected solutions support and safeguard  communities and campuses alike.

Our Services
Our Solutions

TDD has the forethought, the position, the relationships, and the integration capabilities to bring together innovative SMART/IoT and advanced technology solutions to deliver desired operational outcomes that Support and Safeguard communities. We proudly offer solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs.

Blueforce Development IoT/Sensor Communication Platform

Blueforce Development is a turnkey IoT/sensor communication platform that delivers shared and real-time actionable insights to provide rapid, secure, intelligent connectivity between people, sensors, and systems… in edge-based IoT environments… to accelerate and enhance decision making. 

Wireless Guardian Smart Extended Perimeter

Wireless Guardian uses Signals Intelligence to locate potential threats and protect the public. Wireless Guardian is the world’s first forward-facing human threat detection system and the most effective investigative security solution for today’s high-tech environment. Providing protection to patrons and facilities, Wireless Guardian tracks security threats up to a mile outside the facility’s perimeter. The operational effectiveness of Wireless Guardian is the ability to vet every pedestrian, device, RFID tag, iOT device, and vehicle. Applications include national special security events, airport, train stations, bus depots, government buildings, stadiums, venues, and convention centers, schools, and universities.

Media Share Citizen Engagement

The Media Share digital evidence management system supports public safety and other government stakeholders to crowdsource and share information with citizens, businesses, the media, etc. in an open, managed, and accountable manner. Citizens share information with a customizable tip line/QR code and government can share information regarding incidents, cases, etc. and respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests more efficiently, quickly, and with less cost. The benefit to both groups is more transparency, communication, and trust.

SMART/IoT Community &
Safe Campus Security Solutions

We believe safety is a fundamental right, and communities and campuses must have the requisite SMART/IoT security technology and operational processes to keep families, students, safe at all times. We offer sound, measurable, technology and solutions that can help everyone connect, collaborate, communicate, and remain safe.

COVID-19 Home Care

We offer a customizable, fully operational, secure, HIPPA compliant web-based system built on a Google cloud and scalable to provide “COVID-19 specific” homecare monitoring to everyone who needs it.

Customized, Purpose-Built
Mobile Solutions

We provide industry leading state, local, and commercial desktop, SMART/IoT, and mobile applications that meets our customer's unique needs.

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Federal Certification: 

SBA 8(a) Program

Contract Vehicles:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN)

State Certifications:

  • Virginia MBE/DBE

  • Virginia SWaM

  • Maryland DBE

  • Alabama MBE

  • Louisville Metro MBE 

  • Massachusetts MBE

  • Illinois MBE

  • Pennsylvania MBE

  • New York State MBE

  • Tennessee MBE

  • California Utility Supplier Diversity Program

  • Philadelphia Minority Business Certification


Clients and Partnerships


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Whitepaper cover page.PNG

Why Government-Issued Smartphones for Law Enforcement - August 2023
(TDD Whitepaper)

Roadshow video cover for website.PNG

Blueforce Florida Roadshow with TDD June 2021

SP video cover4.JPG

TDD SafePass Donation at CAU

The Digital Decision led the development of iCERT's response to request for comments on FirstNet's proposed architechture Notice of Inquiry

APRD RTRS Case Study Image.PNG

APD RTRS Case Study

BF CAU press release website image.PNG

TDD Blueforce Donation at CAU
(Press Release)

TDD Founder PS Broadband Communications Senate Hearing

IWCE press release image.PNG

TDD Experts to Lend Expertise on Interoperability (Press Release)

PR Release cover image.JPG

TDD SafePass Donation at CAU
(Press Release)

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 10.58.29

Communications and Technology Hearing on FirstNet State Perspectives - November 2017

Robert's testimony starts at 31.05 minutes




Begin with a consultation with The Digital Decisions's team of experts. We'll help you craft a plan to support and safeguard your city.

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